This is a selection of testimonials from our satisfied clients  –

Our teenaged son, a learner driver, backed into our gate motor while practising in our driveway, severely damaging it, and leaving the gate unable to function on the eve of a long weekend. One call to VALLEY GATE MOTOR SERVICES solved our problem within a few hours. Two helpful and knowledgeable technicians responded promptly to our call, coming equipped with all the replacement parts needed to carry out the repair of our motor efficiently, thoroughly and professionally, despite the lateness of the hour. I will highly recommend this service to my family members and friends.

The motor of the automatic gate that serves the parking area of the playschool that I run began to malfunction shortly after the start of the school day, and I was worried about what would happen at lunch-time when parents were due to collect their children. I called VALLEY GATE MOTOR SERVICES and explained the urgency of my situation, and that the safety of small children was at risk, and they were extremely caring and understanding. Their highly efficient technicians were working on the gate within two hours, and by home-time the motor was repaired and the gate was opening and closing smoothly, without any serious disruption of our daily routine.

When the motor on my security gate stopped working, the technicians sent by VALLEY GATE MOTOR SERVICES recommended replacing it completely, as it was badly rusted and very old. Although they were clearly extremely well-informed and efficient, I was very concerned at the thought of the expense involved, as I am not in the best of financial circumstances at present. However, the company’s consultant explained very clearly how investing in a new high-quality motor would actually make excellent financial sense, as it would be fully guaranteed, and I would be able to be confident about the durability and reliability of my gate motor for many years to come. I followed this advice, and I am so glad that I did so.

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