These are some of our clients’ often expressed concerns¬† –

There are frequent power outages in my area. What happens to my electric security gates when the power is off – what if I can’t leave home when I have to, or can’t get in when I return?
Your gate motor installer will be able to provide you with a battery back-up system for your gate motor. This is charged continuously by the electrical motor, so that when a power outage occurs, the battery will function to allow the gate to open and close several times, until the power is restored, ensuring the continuity of your security arrangements.

How do I go about choosing a gate motor repair company?
A reputable company such as ours will have built up a reputation for excellence of service and reliability, and guaranteed workmanship. The most important aspect of this sort of reputation is the availability of expert and highly trained technicians as a twenty-four hour emergency service, so that you can be assured of assistance at any hour, repairing your faulty gate motor and maintaining the security of your property.

I inherited an old-fashioned non-mechanised gate when I purchased my house – is it worth replacing this with an automatic gate? Shouldn’t a heavy chain and padlock be sufficient security?
In these difficult times, with crime rates as high as they are, a chain and padlock are not adequate for your security. A motorised security gate is a far more reliable option for your property, in and of itself, and as an effective deterrent to potential intruders. It is an investment worth making for the future safety and well-being of your family and your property.

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