About Us

Gate Motors Johannesburg  are a company specialising in the installation, maintenance and repairs of motors for automatic security gates. Mechanical parts can wear out and malfunction over time, and our years of experience have given us the expertise and reputation for excellence enabling us to deal with all your gate motor concerns.

We offer our clients expert service and comprehensive advice in repairing the motors of both swing and slide type gates. We operate a twenty-four hour emergency service, which is of vital importance due to the necessity of keeping your gate in continuous working order to maintain the security of your property.

We maintain a large and comprehensive range of spares for all makes of gate motors, and this is a necessary part of our high-quality service, as it enables us to continue our twenty-four hour service and supply new parts where needed, even over the holiday period during which most factories which manufacture parts are closed.

Gate Motors Johannesburg  guarantee the quality of all the parts that we supply, so that you are investing in the continued long-term functioning of your gate motor. We also service and refurbish gate motors, or install upgrades where necessary. We provide remote controls, and also very important battery back-up systems to ensure that your gate will still function during power outages.

Keep our contact details handy, and if your automatic gate motor malfunctions or is simply causing you some concern, call us for prompt, efficient service that you can rely on.